Routine Dental Procedures Performed by a Family Dentist

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Wondering what a family dentist has to offer? Read on to learn more. Sometimes the whole family needs to undergo routine dental procedures. Visiting the family dentist’s office at least two times each year may lower the risk of severe dental health issues including gum disease and tooth decay. The dental professional can provide preventive, diagnostic, and restorative services.

Procedures offered by a family dentist

Family dentists provide complete dental care for every age bracket. Those services generally include:

Preventive care

All procedures that prevent oral health problems fall under preventive care. The most common types of preventative care are dental cleanings and examinations. These cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. They help prevent decay and gum disease. Tartar is usually not removable with regular toothbrushes. Routine examinations also can catch problems inside the mouth before they become serious.

Another preventative staple is fluoride treatments. When used on the teeth, fluoride strengthens the enamel and resists decay. This treatment is a typical preventative action in adults and children.

Dental sealants are plastic-like coatings that prevent decay on chewing surfaces of back teeth (molars). It prevents food particles from building up on the teeth and makes brushing easier. Sealants are especially good for cavities-prone children and teenagers.

Diagnostic procedures

The family dentist may prescribe X-rays or digital imaging. X-rays can help diagnose and plan for treatment. It may show hidden dental structures, malignant or benign masses, bone loss, and cavities.

Screenings for oral cancer regularly may detect the disease early and improve treatment outcomes. These screenings are performed at routine checkups by family dentists.

Restorative procedures

A damaged tooth requires restorative treatments. Several of the options include:

  • Fillings: A decayed, cracked, or fractured tooth requires treatment. Filling materials include amalgam, composite, and porcelain. The choice depends on the position of the tooth and patient preference.
  • Crowns: When a tooth is extensively damaged, a crown covers and protects it while restoring its shape, size, strength, and appearance.
  • Bridges: Dental bridges fill in the space of one or more missing teeth. They are anchored on either side by crowns and can restore the function or appearance of the smile.
  • Dentures: The dentures may be partial or full. It replaces missing teeth, restores oral function and aesthetics, and improves patient self-image.

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic treatments are treatments that make the smile look better. One of the more common cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening. When done by a dental professional, the results are immediate and long-lasting. Another popular treatment is getting a dental veneer to conceal dental imperfections. These are thin, custom-made shells that cover the front surface of teeth for color, shape, size, or length.

Misaligned teeth are corrected with traditional braces or more modern options like clear aligners. This treatment has functional and cosmetic aspects.

Emergency dental care

Family dentists also treat dental traumas such as knocked-out teeth, severe toothaches, or broken crowns or fillings in an emergency. They hope to ease pain and prevent complications from reoccurring. Patients will learn how to maintain good oral health and avoid emergencies during dental visits.

In summary

The dental procedures provided by family dentists maintain patients' oral health for life. Services include preventive care, restorative procedures, and cosmetic treatments. For more information about these services, schedule a consultation appointment with our office today.

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